Pottstown’s Business Leaders “Pick” a Campaign to help tell the real story!

Pottstown’s reinvention is gaining momentum and business leaders and stakeholders want you to know about the reasons to embrace the pioneer spirit. Urban pioneers much like their predecessors who founded cities and towns are working and investing on creating a good life. “They are seeing all the positive potential that exists in the Borough and there is an overall excitement” says Peggy Lee-Clark, Executive Director of Pottstown Area Industrial Development, Inc. (PAID), the Borough’s economic development engine. “With that energy, we decided it was time to advance a branding campaign to let others know what they are missing.” The “we” she references are the 30 plus business leaders and stakeholders who network with one another on a regular basis discussing all that is right with Pottstown and the work that exudes great pride. The group rallied around the campaign, “I Pick Pottstown Pioneers of the Good Life”, designed by Virtual Farm Creative. “It just resonated with us” said Lee-Clark

The Campaign is designed to position Pottstown’s many attributes to attract new businesses to locate here, pioneers willing to look beyond the challenges of the past toward a bright future where businesses enjoy affordable commercial space. In addition, Pottstown is a place where businesses, visitors, and citizens alike benefit from the cultural diversity, the natural beauty of the river and the trail, the strong artistic community, the walkable/bikeable 5.5 miles that exists all within moments of Routes 422 and 100.

“It’s time more people get to know about all that is right with Pottstown” remarks Clark. “We are here to welcome and assist Pioneers of the Good Life who proudly Pick Pottstown”.